Can one of the two block devices be selected when creating replication?


Can not configure the replication agent because system windows has two block devices.


The block devices are configured in "software raid1" dynamic mirroring by Microsoft software. Only one disk is visible for users, the C partition.

While configuring AWS Replication Agent on Windows server I am getting information in CLI (Installation Agent) that server has two block devices of 895G each and will replicate these disks to AWS (C:0 and C1) . Only one disk should be replicated as there is no need to replicate two same disks. Replicating all disks (deflaut config agent) creates two EBS disks of 895G in AWS. We do not want this configuration. When configuring the agent on the windows server I can not select one e.g. "C:0" or "C:1" drive, but can only select "C:/" I can not define one disk volume. I get a syntax error, I have tried forcing, adding --nopromt options etc, but it does not help.

Identifying volumes for replication.
Choose the disks you want to replicate. Your disks are: c:,d:
To replicate some of the disks, type the path of the disks, separated with a comma (for example, C:,D:). To replicate all disks, press Enter: c:0
Disk to replicate identified: c:0 of size 895 GiB
Disk to replicate identified: c:1 of size 895 GiB
All volumes for replication were successfully identified.
Downloading the AWS Replication Agent onto the source server...
Identifying volumes for replication.
Error: Failed to identify volumes for replication.
Installation failed.
Learn more about installation issues in our documentation at
Press Enter to close...

Replicating two disks block devices then takes twice as long, it generates extra costs in AWS and ec2 does not start properly (when I delete one of the disk ebs) From AWS I can not unpick one of the two disks. Because then the replicated Windows machine will not start, because the system has configured the option of duplicating disks (mirror)

I tried several times to build the command, with volume override and so on, it did not help

In my opinion if it was a physical raid configuration then only one block device would be visible and only one EBS will be create. One of the two block devices cannot be omitted because the Agent does not have this functionality.

Is there any way?