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Converting long text to audio with Polly using S3 systhesis - failure


Hi, I am trying to convert a book in a word doc to audio using Polly. I paste chunks of the book under 100K characters into Polly and then hit save to S3. It schedules and then runs the task but then after a few minutes the S3 Synthesis task just says "failed".

What am I doing wrong? Perhaps something with naming/creation/location of an S3 output bucket? I don't even know what that is, I am just writing in a name. Do I need to pre-create a bucket somewhere? I am sure this is a totally basic question but thanks in advance for the help!

asked 20 days ago22 views
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Hi! If you go to Amazon Polly --> S3 synthesis tasks --> Select your task ID which failed, you should see a field named Task status reason which should give you an explanation about the fail status.

To use S3 synthesis tasks you have to previously create an Amazon S3 bucket. Check out this guide!

answered 20 days ago
  • Thanks Dani! The reason it gives is "Error occurred while trying to upload file to S3. Please verify that the bucket exists in this region and you have permission to write objects to the specified bucket."

    after I click "save to S3", I was just creating a name in the S3 output bucket field. Do i need to create a bucket in advance and then use that name? So, how/where do I create an S3 bucket?

  • Ok, I figured out how to create a bucket! thanks for the help Dani...

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