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I have a domain registered with AWS Route 53, and I had configured the NS record to point to Cloudflare so I could leverage their proxying service. I have since changed the NS records back to the default four that are presented on my Route 53 hosted zone two weeks ago, but the NS record is not propagating across to other DNS servers. Any additional records to my hosted zone are also not propagating.

I am able to dig @my-route-53-name-server NS and see all the correct records I am defining, but using other name servers such as,, and all still return the old Cloudflare name server, and are missing other records I am defining.

As a last ditch effort, I removed my hosted zone and created a new one for the same domain, which defaulted a different set of four Route 53 name servers, but the issue still persists. What would the solution to propagating these new records be?

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Are there any NS records set up outside of the host zone created by Route53?
Other possibilities are that the TTL of the record is long and it is taking a long time to be changed.
On the local PC side, there is a possibility that DNS cache, etc. may remain, so please try clearing the cache, etc.

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  • Ah yes, I got a bit confused so I was changing the NS record on the hosted zone, but really I also needed to update it on the Route 53 Registrar as well. Thanks.


About a week ago, I started a process to move my domain name on route 53 to clouflare to use cloudflare protection. According to the instructions, I replaced the ns records on route 53 with cloudflare server addresses. I waited 2 days but nothing changed. When I used the dig command, I was seeing the aws ns server addresses. Thereupon, I wanted to delete the hosted zone that I created in cloudflare and continue from route 53, but this time my global domain name was not propogate. As a result of my research, I learned that my domain was suspended due to lack of email verification. I activated the domain 2 days ago, but I can't seem to register on any name server other than aws. My domain is in the route 53 registered domain list. My website has been out of service for about 1 week. What should I do? Thank you.

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