Linux Public OpenVPN EC2 instance to RDP into Private Windows EC2 instance.


Hi AWS, is it possible to RDP into private Windows EC2 instance using public Linux OpenVPN server. If so, what are the steps to perform that. I have setup the OpenVPN on AWS Linux instance but now I am confused on how to RDP into that private windows instance. Please guide.

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As I answered in the question below, it is possible to install OpenVPN on EC2 and RDP.

How far have you configured OpenVPN after installing it on EC2?
Have you configured the settings so that you can connect to the VPN from the client?
In that case, please configure the Windows EC2 security group to allow RDP access from OpenVPN EC2.

Also, as mentioned in the answer to a previous question, I recommend setting up AWS ClientVPN or an EC2 Instance Connect endpoint rather than using an OpenVPN Linux instance.

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answered 8 months ago

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