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SQL Server Standard pricing confusion


When I google how much SQL Server Standard costs, I land on Microsoft's site and it looks like it would be 899/yr

But then when I create a new RDS instance, the minimum instance that i can get is db.m5.large, which costs 1,500/yr. It goes up to around 3,000/yr if I choose the default instance that I am offered.

Why so expensive on AWS?

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I understand you wanted to know why RDS SQL Server has a higher price than MS offering - Although I am not an expert in AWS billing, but just wanted to share my two cents on the matter.

When a customer purchases from the MS website - the customer only gets the license.

AWS on the other hand provides the server, back-end networking, storage, Multi-AZ (if selected) - basically the complete package and ready to use "server" that too fully licensed - On top of that, RDS also offers features of no hardware maintenance from customer end, patching etc so that customer can focus only on the application code - comparing that only with the software license - the price is bound to go up.

For more in depth detail of the RDS billing - please check

[] DB instance billing for Amazon RDS -

Hope I was able to shed some light on the matter.

answered a month ago

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