why my domain falls?


I have an 8 GB Instances support my domain, but when the number of users at the same time is elevated as an consequence of my traffic in advertising the instance falls.

When this happen, I make a Backup for the instance and create a new permanent IP for resolve the problem.

Why this happen?

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1 Answer

I'd take a look at your CPU utilization metrics on the instance's "Metrics" page. Do metrics show that CPU utilization metrics are consistently in the burstable zone during times of increased traffic to your instance? If so, this could be indicative that you need a larger instance. This doc article may help with understanding metrics around CPU utilization, and when to move to a larger bundle size: https://lightsail.aws.amazon.com/ls/docs/en_us/articles/amazon-lightsail-viewing-instance-health-metrics#cpu-utilization-zones.

answered 2 years ago

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