can not access to amazon cloud system since we changed servers


Hello We have changed servers and now we can not access to amazon AWS Cloud System to download files from the remote storage. we have a COM+ to generate the link to download files from amazon S3 remote storage, but since we changed servers COM+ is not working, we have an error and we don't know if the error is from the COM+ or maybe any permission from AWS

in configuration file we have:

<add key="AMAZON_SERVER" value=""/> <add key="AMAZON_S3_KEY_ID" value="XXXXXX"/> <add key="AMAZON_S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY" value="xxxxxx"/>

I hope you can help us.

Best regards Antonio

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1 Answer

Common Issues and Solutions

  1. Incorrect AWS Credentials: Double-check the access key ID and secret access key.
  2. Network Issues: Ensure no firewall or proxy settings block access to S3.
  3. Permission Issues: Verify that the IAM user or role has the correct permissions.
  4. Configuration Errors: Ensure the configuration files are correctly set up on the new server.

Verify Network Connectivity from your server.


Test AWS CLI Access (permissions)

aws s3 ls s3://your-bucket-name --profile your-profile
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