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/AWS SES not sending notification via SNS/

AWS SES not sending notification via SNS


Hi, I have two verified email addresses of the the same domain.

For both emails I use very same bounce notification SNS topic. If I send a test email for address 1 I get the notification, for address 2 I don't. All resources are in the same area. (eu-west-1)

The domain also has valid DKIM records. Furthermore I have additional domains set up with the same email addresses (1 & 2) where the setup is working just fine.

PS: I tested all with the Amazon SES mailbox simulator.

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So finally I got it working with help of the (paid) support. Here is the solution for all of you who run into the same problem:


Now question is, does "" have a valid mailbox for receiving verification email? If yes, then you need to clicks on the verification email then the Email Identity will actually be verified and SNS topics set on this email identity are able to be triggered. If this is not a valid mailbox for receiving emails, then you will not receive verification email and the email identity remains "unverified" in the back-end. Hence, SNS topics set on this wouldn't work.

*Since, '' domain is already verified, you do not need to verify "" explicitly. If you do want to do verify the email address then you need to make sure that '' is a valid mailbox for receiving verification email and then clicking on the verification email. * *Alternatively, you can: *

  1. Delete identity
  2. Set SNS notifications on identity which will capture bounces/complaints/delivery for all emails sent through SES for the domain.
answered 5 months ago

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