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Hi, I created the AWS account around a year back and i have no background related to this at all. I'm only here because I received a mail from AWS asking me to cancel any active services or i'll be billed for any active services. I'm really confused what to do now, i have no used this service even once. I opened "Bill Management" page and clicked on the "Free Tier" tab on the left side and it showed this message under the "AWS Free Tier summary" " There is no Free Tier services data available". Does this mean I did not subscribed and started any services? I can just close the account and not worry about any payments right?

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Firstly, I would suggest you to look at the existing monthly bills in the Billing Dashboard (under 'Bills' section) to understand what were the charges on your account for the past 12 months and the services being consumed. Then you can view the 'Payments' section to understand any dues. Usually during each billing cycle, any dues you have would be automatically charged onto the card you have used for Account creation.

Regarding the Free Tier limits - there are different types of free limits based on the service (12 month free, always free, etc). Refer this link to understand which services are always Free - (apply relevant 'Tier Type' filter). And to your query, yes - if you are not seeing any services listed under the 'AWS Free Tier Summary', that means you are not consuming any 'Free Tier' eligible resources.

If you no longer want to use this account, you can safely close it and if needed create a new one at a later stage. However, to avoid any charges, if you are consuming any services/resources, it is recommended to disable/delete/clean-up before Account Closure, as 'Account Closure' will kick-in a 90 day notice period, within which you could reopen the account. Refer below 'Account Closure' documentation links. Hope this helps !!

Please review these to understand the account closure process, considerations and recommendations -

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answered a year ago
  • Hi, thanks for the detailed answer. I went and checked in the billing section(Using the old billing UI here) and i manually went through all the months since the creation and the only message I saw on all pages is "There are no invoices for the selected month.". I think it's safe to assume I've not accidently started any services, I've not been charged anything from AWS in the past 12 months. So i think i can close the account safely.

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