WAF not blocking sql injection



How can I check WAF sql injection implementation rule?

We received the request below and WAF sql injection rule didn't block it.

a piece of the request body:

{"id":"'nvOpzp; AND 1=1 OR (<'\">iKO)),"}


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2 Answers

What rules do you currently have in place?
For the AWS Managed Ruleset, the "AWSManagedRulesSQLiRuleSet" can be set to protect against SQL injection.

Also note that even matching requests will not be blocked unless the rule is set to block instead of count.

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answered a year ago

Hi Riku, thanks for you answer.

I have the rule AWSManagedRulesSQLiRuleSet active and also blocking.

I also check in WAF log and the request body is less than 8KB and requestBodySizeInspectedByWAF is equals to requestBodySize, so WAF is checking and allowing the request.

Shouldn't this request be blocked?


answered a year ago

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