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/not able to delete network interfaces linked with dead/

not able to delete network interfaces linked with dead



I'm not able to delete network interfaces which are still linked to dead EC2 instances: I have a "Network interface is currently in use." error message; it concerns the following ones:

  • eni-09ed4eced1fe1524e
  • eni-0c285e58524faf501

Could you please help ?

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Accepted Answer

Generally you should not post the IDs of your ENI on re:Post because this is a public forum.

That said, you do want to ensure you know what you are doing and not deleting ENIs that are needed by your application.

If you do need to delete an ENI, that's say from a failed instance, you will be able to use the

aws ec2 detach-network-interface --attachment-id <VALUE> --force

CLI command. [1]

answered 2 days ago

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