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Redshift Disaster Recovery, attempting to restore tables to cluster in another account.


Setting up Redshift disaster recovery. I'd like to be able to restore data (tables, schema) to another cluster in a DR account. It seems sharing snapshots wont as restoring tables needs to take place in the cluster they were created. Restoring snapshot to a provisioned cluster isn't ideal as the cluster in the DR account would be provisioned and managed by IAC. Wondering what options I have? Possibly using COPY, UPLOAD sql commands and store data in s3?

asked 16 days ago22 views
1 Answers

1 -- if you want to just have only few tables and schema available to DR site on you can unload on S3 and load it to DR site Cluster when needed.

2 -- You can also run dual ETL to load data in primary and DR cluster for specific tables. For both option 1 & 2 You can use Redshift Serverless as a DR cluster, which will be auto paused when not being used and will be available in minutes when you need it.

3 -- AZ Failure - You may want to look into CROSS AZ Relocation feature of Redshift. This will have fail over cluster available with no data loss and will be available in minutes.

4 -- Region Failure - You can enable cross region snapshot to copy data in other region in a automated fashion and restore it to the DR cluster when required.

answered 15 days ago

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