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Execution Timeout AWS AppSync API


We have an AppSync API in which one of queries is timing out after 30s. The data source is a lambda which is taking approximately 70s to complete the execution. The execution of lambda is perfectly fine but we are not able to optimize it under 30seconds. Is there a way to configure this timeout to a minute in AppSync from the backend or the amplify(angular) client from front-end ?

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Appsync has a 30 second hard limit for request execution time for mutations, queries, and subscriptions. Please refer to the Appsync documentation for this limit. Unfortunately, this means that there is no configuration or setting which will allow us to exceed this limit.

If you have a query that is taking more than 30 seconds, then the workaround is to implement this in an asynchronous manner. Please refer to this blog for a strategy in Implementing a long-running query on AWS AppSync

answered 7 months ago

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