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During the VPN setup, a customer provide us the form request without specifying their VPN router public IP. They will provide their VPN Public IP after we complete the form (including AWS tunnel public IP end point).

As per my understanding when we create site to site VPN connection we do the following:

  1. Setup VGW
  2. Create CGW (including customer VPN router public IP)
  3. Then create the VPN connection by pointing to the corresponding CGW. We can only know the AWS VPN connection public IP.

This will be cyclic process as we don't have customer public IP in the first hand. Any idea how to overcome this situation? Can we reserve or allocate AWS VPN pubic IP first?

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Accepted Answer

I think I will go with the following workaround:

  1. Create dummy CGW (with dummy IP public
  2. Create VPN Connection & get the tunnel IP Public to be shared to customer
  3. Later on when customer already share their VPN router IP public, we create 2nd CGW & modify the VPN Connection to pointing to the 2nd CGW.

Just tested this approach and it can be done, we can retain our 2 tunnel IP Public

answered 4 years ago

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