can a s3 object creation event trigger an existing fargate job?


I have a set up where an s3 object creation event triggers a lambda and i process the file in s3 with this lambda. as the lambda has a timeout, i'm looking to see, if i can create a fargate job and have same or similar set up. such that a s3 object creation event can trigger this fargate task. I am looking for help on how to hook up the s3 object creation event and the fargate job, such that it triggers the task .

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S3 Event Notifications cannot trigger Fargate tasks.
Instead, an object creation event can be put to EventBridge, launching the Fargate task from EventBridge.

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  • @hayao-k : thanks . how to pass on the bucket/file information when we trigger the fargate task this way. i have tried s3 object notification with lambda and in lambda , i get the bucket and key info as such in my lambda handler code -> bucket = event['Records'][0]['s3']['bucket']['name']. how to get same information in my python fargate task code?

  • @clouduser See below for examples of Event message structures.

    Would it look something like this. bucket = event['detail']['bucket']['name'] key = event['detail']['object']['key']


Unlike S3 and Lambda integration, you need to use CloudWatch EventRule to integrate S3 with Fargate.

  1. Create a CloudTrail with only S3 event selector
  2. Create an EventRule on the CloudTrail to trigger Fargate
  3. You can pass the bucket and object name to Fargate by environment variable via container override
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