Newbie in AWS Glacier - how to connect to my storage and upload files there via PowerShell?



I'm a newbie with S3 and would like to know step by step how to connect, upload and read file(s) to my S3 Glacier storage via PowerShell? Link looks very uninformative and convoluted regarding credentials to be used for connecting, and also has no samples to play with. Could anybody describe me step by step how to connect from my PowerShell console and do all the described steps for S3? AWSPowerShell.NetCore was installed on my Win machine, so cmdlets seem to be available. Thanks in advance!

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While you can use Glacier in the way describe in the other answer (and there's nothing wrong with that - it was how Glacier was originally designed to operate), Glacier can also be used as a storage class in S3 which can be simpler and takes away the need to handle vaults and so on - you just upload the objects you like and use the appropriate "storage class" parameter to tell S3 to put the files into Glacier.

If you are a newbie then I'd recommend going down the S3 storage class path because it is simpler and easier to deal with. Vaults still have their advantages but if you don't need to then go the other way.

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answered 25 days ago

Ok, I tried to run New-S3Bucket cmd but got this error:

PS C:!> New-S3Bucket -BucketName website-example -Region us-west-2 New-S3Bucket : Access Denied At line:1 char:1

  • New-S3Bucket -BucketName website-example -Region us-west-2
  • CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (Amazon.PowerShe...wS3BucketCmdlet:NewS3BucketCmdlet) [New-S3Bucket], AmazonS3Exception
  • FullyQualifiedErrorId : Failed to create the specified bucket. Amazon S3 error: Access Denied,Amazon.PowerShell.Cmdlets.S3.NewS3BucketCmdlet

Write-S3Object led to the same error. What should I do to get these cmdlets working?

answered 14 hours ago

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