Can I still use my EC2 instance with Ubuntu 18.04 after may 2023, without getting an upgrade to Ubuntu Pro or migrating to another TLS version?


The company I work for has a server running on an Ubuntu 18.04 TLS version. From june 2023 Ubuntu 18.04 wont have support anymore. We will use the server during 2023 but we will stop it and migrate to an entire new project starting 2024. The product that depends on the server is already deprecated so we want to spend as little resources on it as possible.


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The OS of a running ec2 is independent of the supported AMI, so if you have already launched an ec2 instance based on Ubuntu 18.04, you can keep using that operating system version even when it is not supported as an official AMI.

The thing is you won't have any security updates since is a deprecated version, but you can continue using it.

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answered a year ago

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