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Billed for OnDemandStreamHr in Kinesis despite no instances running


I've been billed about $30/month for Kinesis "OnDemandStreamHr" at about 720hr/month (so running 24hrs) for the last few months. I was playing around with Kinesis in January when studying for the ML cert, which is when the billing started, so that tracks, but I was very careful to shut down all my instances. I still don't see any running kinesis instances despite the billing continuing to happen. Any insight would be much appreciated.

1 Answer

Hello there,

Sorry to hear about this trouble! If you haven't had the chance, this guide offers steps to troubleshoot the resources generating charges:

If you still find yourself with questions or concerns, our Billing team has the visibility needed to take a closer look. To begin an investigation, please open a secure correspondence by creating a case here:

Thank you,

- John M.

answered 5 months ago

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