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/Systems Manager Change Manager Notifications not working/

Systems Manager Change Manager Notifications not working


Hello, I have finished the setup of Systems Manager Change Manager, I created the SNS Topic for Template Reviewers, Change Request Approvers and also another one for Notifications of the change request progress.

Every time I run a Change Request it says on the Timeline:

Failed to publish notifications to SNS.

I have tried to use the same Topic of Approvers and Template Reviewers (where I know the emails are being sent correctly) but the error is the same, I would like to know what am I missing ? Does the Topic need a different Access Policy ? Do I need to add a SNS Policy to another role ?

Thanks for your insights.

1 Answers

It sounds like SSM does not have permission to publish to SNS. See Steps 2, 3, and 5 here in the Monitoring Systems Manager status changes using Amazon SNS notifications documentation

answered a month ago
  • Hello and thanks for your comments, I think SSM has the correct permissions, I made some tests and after changing the SNS Access Policy it worked, but I have to leave the SNS too wide open and I do not like that too much.

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