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I need to manage a DNS, but I cannot find my hosted zone. I have several accounts and I do not know which account to try. I have tried all of the ones I can think of, but I cannot find this particular zone. colemanrodeo.com

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I found it.

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Hi, for anyone who is also wondering how to locate your DNS hosted zone to manage a DNS, here are some resources and steps to follow:

Use Route 53 console and navigate to “Hosted Zones.” A list of hosted zones associated with the current AWS account will be displayed and filtering/searching functionality is offered. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/Route53/latest/DeveloperGuide/ListInfoOnHostedZone.html

Another way to easily list your hosted zones in each account is to use the AWS CLI with a command like aws route53 list-hosted-zones-by-name. You would still have to log into each account on the CLI and repeat the command for each account. https://awscli.amazonaws.com/v2/documentation/api/2.0.34/reference/route53/list-hosted-zones-by-name.html

For future DNS management practices: One helpful tip for organization and management of your Route 53 resources is to make use of tags for cost allocation and categorization. For more details on how to implement tagging for your resources, please look at https://docs.aws.amazon.com/Route53/latest/DeveloperGuide/tagging-resources.html. For best practices and step-by-step instructions on using the central tag management console, see https://docs.aws.amazon.com/tag-editor/latest/userguide/tag-editor.html.

The best option for future DNS management simplification would be to follow the steps suggested in the following post: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/security/how-to-centralize-dns-management-in-a-multi-account-environment/. In this guide, the steps you take include setting up a central DNS management account, set up participating accounts, create Route53 associations, and configuring VPC peering for participating accounts.

Hope this helps!

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