unable to create cloud9 environment


I'm not sure why this is working, but I have done everything that I have been told to check for when running new cloud9 env. I have connected it to my VPC, and picked a public subnet. My internet gateway is connected to the route table, but it's still saying there is an issue with my VPC configuration. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Error message: "Cloud9 could not connect to the EC2 instance. Please check your VPC configuration and network settings to troubleshoot the issue"

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It is difficult to troubleshoot this without access to the environment but here is configuration information for the VPC, VPC settings for AWS Cloud9 Development Environments. I would first check to see that the security group and nacl are correct. Make sure the instance as a public IP address.

There is also a QuickStart that you could use the setup the environment.

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answered 21 days ago

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