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I created a Storage bucket in Lightsail but I’ve got the error No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Also not all the media is loaded on the website from the storage bucket but the server url using WP Offload media plugin to transfer the media objects to the bucket. I am using a lightsail distribution attached to the storage bucket to get a cloudfront CDN to use in the website. I have tried to access the bucket in S3 to change CORS permissions but is not there, I have to access from the WP Offload media plugin and when I got to permission to edit the CORS policy, it says " You or your AWS administrator must update your IAM permissions to allow s3:GetBucketCORS". I have added the policy permission in my IAM account but I am still not able to access to it. How I can change change the CORS for that bucket and how I can get all the media upload from the Storage bucket. Or I should create the bucket directly in S3 and then link it to the Lightsail instance? Thanks

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Good evening,

I could not find much Information regarding CORS and lightsail storage bucket other than it not being available.

But maybe this KB helps you since it is explaining basically your setup step by step so it seems like it should work without it:

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answered 14 days ago

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