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Copying EBS Snapshot Across Regions


I want to copy the EBS snapshots from us-east-1 to us-east-2.

Will the snapshot copy be incremental?

Here I see the following: "We are excited to announce a performance enhancement to EBS Snapshot Copy, making it faster to copy snapshots across AWS regions. Starting today, we will only transfer the data that has changed since your last snapshot copy, thus transferring and storing less data and completing the copy faster.",performance%20of%20EC2%20AMI%20Copy.

Yet here I see the following: "If you copy a snapshot to a new Region, a complete (non-incremental) copy is always created, resulting in additional delay and storage costs."

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Accepted Answer

It would be incremental after the first full copy.

Whether a snapshot copy is incremental is determined by the most recently completed snapshot copy. When you copy a snapshot across regions or accounts, the copy is an incremental copy if the following conditions are met:

  • The snapshot was copied to the destination Region or account previously.
  • The most recent snapshot copy still exists in the destination Region or account.
  • All copies of the snapshot in the destination Region or account are either unencrypted or were encrypted using the same CMK.

If the most recent snapshot copy was deleted, the next copy is a full copy, not an incremental copy. If a copy is still pending when you start a another copy, the second copy starts only after the first copy finishes.

answered 2 years ago

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