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c6a instance types for Batch compute environments


Hi, I don't seem to be able to select the new c6a EC2 instance types for AWS Batch compute environments from the console (Ireland region). I haven't tested using the API. The instance type is available to launch as a separate EC2 instance. My workload is largely single threaded so I would prefer the fastest possible single vCPU performance.

I'm guessing this is just not configured properly yet, but I'm only on basic support so can't raise a technical support ticket about that. Or can anyone advise if it's a regional or technical limitation instead?

asked 2 months ago29 views
1 Answers

m6a is available for AWS Batch and may be your best option for now. We have a feature request which may allow selection of additional instance types (such as c6a) sooner after they're available in ec2. We don't yet have a timeline when that feature may be released. You can follow What's New for AWS Batch or subscribe to the RSS feed there for this and other announcements in the future.

answered 2 months ago

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