Unable to configure Multi AZ deployment for existing Aurora MySQL



We are currently using Aurora MySQL Regional Cluster and a writer instance in US-EAST-1 region without Multi AZ enabled. I am trying to enable Multi AZ deployment for my existing RDS cluster and don't see an option to configure under Cluster or Instance via AWS Console or CLI.


Sandeep G

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For Amazon Aurora adding a reader instance is how we provide multi-az recovery. During provisioning if you select multi-az we provision a reader instance but after provisioning adding a reader instance does the same thing

The storage (cluster) is replicated to multiple AZ's by default. The compute (instances) are AZ specific resources. If the writer instance is lost and you have reader instance provisioned this instance will be automatically promoted to writer. A big advantage here (compared to standard rds) is the reader instance can also be used for read activity (be sure to use the cluster reader endpoint)

answered 9 months ago
  • Thank you! I have added new Reader instance to my existing RDS cluster and it worked.


Try to add a new instance to the existing RDS cluster. You'd have an option to choose different zone.

answered 9 months ago

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