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/Athena not able to read multi-line text in CSV fields/

Athena not able to read multi-line text in CSV fields


I've this CSV content file


"one","two","three","four","five \" quote \" five2","six","seven","eight","nine","ten"

"one","two","three","four","five \


  • Row 2 is normal
  • Row 3 has a field with \" escaped quotes
  • Row 4 has escaped newlines

This table is not imported correctly due to newlines. Is there any other way?

I found this way but it's not correct

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `test-general-log`.`general-log` (
  `A` string,
  `B` string,
  `C` string,
  `D` string,
  `E` string
ROW FORMAT SERDE 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.RegexSerDe' 
   "input.regex" = '"*([^"]*)"*,"*([^"]*)"*'
) LOCATION 's3://test-general-log/exportedlogs/0baa57384-2c6e-4e016-85f0-bc58b31e6300/'
TBLPROPERTIES ('has_encrypted_data'='false');
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1 Answers


You can use OpenCSVSerDe to import CSV, but embedded line breaks are not supported.

Does not support embedded line breaks in CSV files.

You can keep line breaks by converting with Parquet SerDe in Glue Job as follows.

answered a month ago

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