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I'm trying to create AWS MSK serverless cluster using AWS SDK for node js (aws-sdk/client-kafka). But I'm getting the following error

There is an issue with your cluster
Code: InternalServerError.Unknown
Message: The last operation failed because of a service issue. Retry the operation.

Also during initialization, I get a request ID in response, where can I see the result of that as initially, it is in a pending state.

  • Hi, Please share your code with us.

  • @iwasa

    import { KafkaClient, CreateClusterV2Command,ListClustersV2Command } from "@aws-sdk/client-kafka";

    let config = { maxAttempts: 1, region: "region", credentials:{ accessKeyId: "xx-xxx-xxxx", secretAccessKey: "xxx-xxx-xxx" } }

    const client = new KafkaClient(config);

    const params = { ClusterName: 'mks-cluster', Serverless: { VpcConfigs: [ { SubnetIds: [ 'xxx', 'yyy', 'zzz' ], SecurityGroupIds: [ 'abc', ] }, ], ClientAuthentication: { Sasl: { Iam: { Enabled: true } } } }, Tags: { 'msk-tag': 'value', } };

    const command = new CreateClusterV2Command(params);

    try{ const response = await client.send(command); // after this I get response as - "creating" and later on it fails

1 Answers

There is an extra comma after security groups that was causing the issue. It's resolved now.

answered a month ago

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