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/Using UE4 and Gamelift, It only gives me an SDK Timeout error?/

Using UE4 and Gamelift, It only gives me an SDK Timeout error?


No Matter which configuration I use, including having all the install.bat files located in the root folder, the fleet just states, " Server process started correctly but did not call InitSDK() within 5 minutes ". I have had this error on both the Win64 .exe and the one located in the main folder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: After an hour of waiting for the SDK to be called, the console showed "Server process exited without calling ProcessEnding(), exitCode(3)" I am just legit lost and would appreciated any help!

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3 Answers

Basically your server process is crashing or somehow failing to progress to the point it calls InitSDK.

One very likely scenario is you failed to package your build correctly so its failing to launch.

On Unreal you want to (its been a while so this may be outdated) use the Win64 executable and not the root exe as thats just a wrapper (C:\game\MyServer\Binaries\Win64\MyServer.exe) - which it sounds like you are doing.

Make sure your install.bat has the VS redistributables setup and the path is correct etc (you can download the install.bat logs from the fleet event page in GameLift)

Then I would: a) test your build folder with GameLift local before upload b) create a new fleet with the debug ports open for RDP (can't adjust fleet ports on fleets which aren't ACTIVE or in ERROR) c) remote into the instance trying to launch and check the server logs on the box. You can do this as soon as the instance is attached to your fleet d) if no logs, then try just manually launching the server to see if you are missing DLLs.

Some useful links:

answered a year ago

Yes, It has all of the executables in it

answered a year ago

Thanks for the update.

Did you check your server logs on GameLift EC2 instance? Did you try manually launching the server on the instance to ensure that it launches correctly?

If you are unable to check the logs, please provide your fleet id and region and the GameLift team should be able to take a look for you.

answered a year ago

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