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Increase Limit on Lineage Tracking entities for sagemaker


My Team is trying to onboard to sagemaker lineage tracking entities and we basically track models, datasets, associations between these entities all the way to endpoints. Currently, we have been using another system for the same. We currently require that we create dataset entities prior to our training job so that we can use this to reference during our training jobs. The problem comes with the constraints on the amount of manual entities that can be created. As per the doc, the limits are

Maximum number of manually created lineage entities Actions: 3000 Artifacts: 6000 Associations: 6000 Contexts: 500

Our current system holds about 1500 datasets and 1000 models which means that we might hit the limit in the near future if we onboard to sagemaker. Is there a provision to increase the limits on these? I am not sure why these limits are placed. These entities must be pretty cheap to store. Please let me know if there is any way to get this limit increased

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1 Answers

You can double-check in the self-service AWS Service Quotas tool on your AWS account, but it looks to me like these quotas are not listed there (for now, at least).

...So please raise a request via AWS Support from your account: Yes I believe there is flexibility in these quotas, but if you can include information in the request about projected requirements, usage pattern and the use case, that should help the team there assess the ask as quickly as possible.

answered a month ago

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