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Does .Net Serverless Support Views?


When I create an AWS Serverless application using the Visual Studio templates, it uses AddRazorPages for a website and AddControllers for api. Would it work if I changed this to AddMvc or AddControllersWithViews or do AWS Serverless only support Pages? I managed to get this working locally in Visual Studio, but I wanted to make sure it will still work once published to AWS, since I know the hosting environments are completely different, and I found it odd that there was no VS template that uses Views.

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2 Answers

Switching to AddMvc or AddControllersWithViews is fine for the ASP.NET Core Lambda projects. The templates just default to the leaner methods by default.

answered 6 months ago

Hello ,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

There is a template for ASP.NET Core Web App which supports rendering pages. Please refer to this link [1] for more information on blueprints.

If you face any issue implementing it, can you please send me your conversion or a sample of your conversion.

Hope this helps.


answered 6 months ago

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