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How can I obtain information for my company about an AWS service that was created by employees who are no longer part of the organization? No one currently employed has a clue as to the service and I have been asked to manage. Additionally, what are the possible approaches to retrieve the AWS account associated with that service?

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This troubleshooting document on root users may be helpful.

Do you have an email address or account ID for your AWS account?
If you can use the email address used in your AWS account, you may be able to change your password or otherwise log in.

If it is not available, it is best to contact AWS at the following URL.

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  • Thanks for you reply. The only one in the company that has AWS account access and was there when developed is a IAM user without any privileges to raise a case or access support. Account we are after is the root and management accounts.

  • The URL I shared is a form that allows you to inquire without logging into your AWS account. If you know your AWS account ID, you may be able to resolve the issue by contacting us through this form.

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