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I recently encountered a security issue with my RDS database, and AWS security suggested that I reset my root password. Following their advice, I attempted to log in using my credentials, and I was prompted to reset my password. I proceeded with the necessary steps, including filling out the captcha. However, I encountered an issue when it came to receiving the instruction email.

The problem lies in the fact that my email address is associated with my university, and it has the "edu" suffix. Unfortunately, this email service was discontinued at the end of April. To mitigate this, I had set up email redirection in advance. However, I have discovered that I am unable to receive the instruction emails related to this particular issue. It's important to note that I can receive other emails without any problems.

I would greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions on how to resolve this matter and ensure that I can receive the necessary instruction emails to reset my root password.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Hi, You can submit a request to AWS Support -

answered a year ago

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