How to point a new instance with a domain?


how can i point a new instance with a domain which is already exist with another ip address in hosting zone? Is that even possible?

  • Hello your question is not clear for me, Can you please explain in detail ?

  • By mistake i had lauch an instance in different region and for that i have been charged $8.40, i have stoped that instance and i also lauch a new instance in local region as per free tier user terms. So my question is shall i need to connect the new instance status with the domain (ip address) if yes than i can i do that?

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as far as I understand that you are trying to access the Ec2 instance with an IP address or Domain with the existing Ec2 instance or IP, Please look into the following information in detail.

  • When you create an EC2 instance in Public Subnet AWS will automatically create a PUBLIC IP address or PUBLIC DNS for the Ec2 instance, so in any case, if you stop and start the machine your public Ip will be LOST, in order to have the static IP Adress, you can use ELASTIC IP address and associate this address to the Ec2 instance. In any case, instance have some problem you can easily disassociate and re-associate with another instance very quickly
  • So AWS Ec2 instance public IP or public DNS cannot be static it is dynamic **it is not possible to associate with another ec2 instance **

I hope i answered your questions. Thank You

answered a year ago

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