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I am trying to find the latest DMS engine version number.

Here is what I have found: "When you launch a new replication instance, it runs the latest AWS DMS engine version unless you specify otherwise." But this does not mention what the latest version number is.

Using a PostgreSQL database as an AWS DMS source says: PostgreSQL source version 14.x - Use Aws DMS version 3.4.7 and above. This, at least specifies that there is a version 3.4.7, but it doesn't say that is the latest number.

Today I created a DMS Replication instance with DMS endpoints. The replication instance shows engine version 3.4.6 and I did not specify the engine version. But it seems like there must be a version 3.4.7 because that is required when your source db is PostgreSQL version 14.x.

Where can I find the current, latest DMS engine version number?

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In the AWS Console, navigate to the ****DMS ****(Database Migration Service) section using the search bar. From the left side navigation menu , select Replication Instances. Select the link to the replication instance that you want to know the version of. The Summary section will display the version of the DMS instanceunder Engine Version heading. DMS Instance version this link provides the most current information:

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  • That does show the version that is currently being used by the replication instance. How do I know what the latest possible version is? Does AWS publish the latest possible version number anywhere?

  • The text of your link is what I am looking for. Thank you! However, the link itself just comes back to this question.


Ideally it should launch latest version of DMS instance if you dont provide version. I hope you are using some automation tool which might be defaulting to 3.4.6. If you manually input the version to 3.4.7 it should launch the required one. if you use manual console way to launch a replication instance it should launch with version 3.4.7 (latest)

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  • I am using HashiCorp terraform aws_dms_replication_instance and not specifying an engine_version. I have tried searching to see if HashiCorp is defaulting a version number but can't find any. I would assume there is no default because AWS says if you don't specify a version number you get the latest.


Hi , if you use CFN, this works fine in Resources section:

    Type: AWS::DMS::ReplicationInstance
    DeletionPolicy: Delete
      ReplicationInstanceClass: !Ref CdcInstanceType
      EngineVersion: !Ref CdcEngineVersion
      #Same as Subnet1
      AvailabilityZone: !Select
        - 0
        - !GetAZs ""
      ReplicationSubnetGroupIdentifier: !Ref CdcDmsSubnetGroup

where CdcEngineVersion is in Parameter section:

    Description: 'dms cdc engine version'
    Default: '3.4.7'
    Type: String
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  • So you are specifying an engine version number. But is that the latest number? How do you know if that is the latest engine version number?


Hi, If you use CloudFormation, use this:


I use this all the time and it works fine to reach the version of engine that you want

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