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Purchase expired domain (on different hosting) in Route 53


I was hosting my static website on different hosting provider ( where I purchased my domain.
Today the domain expired and is free to purchase.
I just thought it will be as easy as writing the domain name in Route 53 > Domain search but it's still unavailable.
There's a 30 days period to renew my domain but I guess it has to be done via old hosting... But I want my website to be hosted on AWS, obviously.

Is there an easy way to purchase/renew my domain on Route 53 or do I have to wait 30 days (without unavailable domain) until I can do so?

1 Answers

Hi Vergil, please have a look at the AWS documentation on transferring registration for a domain to Amazon Route 53. There is no need to wait for registration to expire, and this is not recommended as someone else may purchase the domain before you can!

If your domain is currently expired and in the renewal grace period, you should renew with the current registrar and then transfer the registration to Route 53 following the instructions linked above.

answered 5 months ago

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