First time setting up Security hub emails

0 I have been following the steps in the link above but its still not working when i check cloud formation I see that it says create failed next to SendSecurityHubSummaryEmailLambda and i get the following error Resource handler returned message: "Error occurred while GetObject. S3 Error Code: NoSuchKey. S3 Error Message: The specified key does not exist. (Service: Lambda, Status Code: 400. Seems like everything else create smoothly but this part. wondering what am I missing. Thank you

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Thank you for your submission.

The CloudFormation deploys ok in my testing (again just now).

1/ make sure you copy both the and the security-hub-email-summary-cf-template.json (2 files) into the S3 bucket

2/ The S3 Bucket name is just the name 's3-bucket-with-your-files'

3/ the S3 key name doesn't need a prefix path if you don't have prefixes. (that might be confusing from the blog screenshot). If I uploaded the zip right into the bucket without creating any folders, the value '' is all that you would put into that parameter.

4/ make sure you accept (click the check box) that CloudFormation might create IAM resources.

Thanks, -Justin

answered 3 months ago
  • Thank you so much. following your advice and steps I was able to get it working. I really appreciate you taking the time to get back to me.

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