This site can’t be reached


My site's cloudfront distribution was working fine but now it shows this:

This site can’t be reachedCheck if there is a typo in DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN // my site is

I am using only AWS services: The website is hosted in an S3 bucket. The URL given by the S3 bucket works fine: I am using CloudFront, a custom SSL certificate and Route 53.

I am not an expert but everything seems to be properly configured. I followed this checklist given to my by ChatGPT and

Verify your domain's DNS settings in Route 53:

  • Make sure your domain is properly registered with Route 53 or another domain registrar.
  • Check the hosted zone for your domain in Route 53 and ensure the correct name servers are configured. //I GOT THE DOMAIN IN ROUTE 53 SO EVERYTHING HERE SHOULD BE FINE

Check your domain's DNS records:

  • Ensure you have an "A" record or an "ALIAS" record pointing to the CloudFront distribution. // CHECKED
  • Alternatively, you can use a "CNAME" record if you have a subdomain pointing to the CloudFront distribution. // CHECKED

Check the CloudFront distribution settings:

  • Ensure your distribution is enabled and properly configured. // I AM NOT SURE WHAT IS "PROPERLY CONFIGURED" BUT AS I SAID MY WEBPAGE WAS WORKING UNTIL RECENTLY
  • Make sure your distribution's "Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs)" field includes your domain name (e.g., // CHECKED

Confirm the SSL/TLS certificate settings:

  • Ensure the SSL/TLS certificate is valid and associated with your CloudFront distribution. //YES
  • The certificate should cover your domain name (e.g., * or //YES
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Can you try below guide as well?

Hope it helps ;)

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answered a year ago
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reviewed 2 months ago
  • Thank you! You pointed me in the right direction. The problem was that I had not verified the email associated with the new url and the aws emails warning me they would pull the site down had gone to spam

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