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Error scheduling backup every ten minutes in AWS Backup


I'm trying to schedule an EBS backup every ten minutes. Lifecycle Manager only allows you to go down to an hour. Same story for AWS Backup, but it gives you the the ability to write a cron expression. So I put in a cron for every ten minutes that looks like this:

cron(* 0/10 * * * *)

But I receive the following error: "Support for specifying both a day-of-week AND a day-of-month parameter is not implemented."

I'm far from a cron job guru but it looks like I can't have an asterisk for both the day of week and day of month parameter in the cron job, but I'm not sure how else to set it to every ten minutes without specifying both. Is that a problem with my cron expression or just a lack of capability on AWS Backup?

asked 3 months ago42 views
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Accepted Answer

Please look at this document for cron expressions used by Cloudwatch Events (same is also used in AWS backups) -

There is an example of every 15 minutes which is 0/15 * * * ? * So in your case 0/10 * * * ? * should work as per the document

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answered 3 months ago
  • Ahh makes sense. The cron you wrote out was correct, I see my mistake. That being said, it popped an error that said "The interval between backup jobs shouldn't be less than 60 minutes." Looks like AWS Backup doesn't have the capability to run backups for jobs that are less than 60 minutes apart. Thanks!

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