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Athena Query Result


Hi Team,

I followed the steps to create a table in AWS Athena to query VPC flow logs as mentioned here :

when I ran the following query in Athena, I had output like this :

r����Z�~:�63y�pt���j��0��_��	�])h}�q ���A�ھ�K����3��肌���cf``������"����	����"������&���xL"E��M�E��M1E��B2

is this because my S3 bucket that contains the VPC flow logs is Encrypted with KMS?

Thank you,

1 Answers

You've probably covered the basics but it's hard to tell from the info provided, so

  • are you using an Athena table set up for the same data format as your flow logs, i.e Parquet format or not?
  • are your flow logs in the default format or custom, and does your Athena table DDL match?
answered a month ago
  • it logs in custom format, yes the DDL match

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