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My usecase for AWS Batch


My system connects to share brokers using REST APIs during trading hours. Each thread takes care of a user account. Based on the number of my users several threads have to run simulationsly. Each thread takes care of a user account with a share broker. Can I use AWS Batch service for this usecase? Or is it better to use several Amazon ec2s by calculating memory and processor requirements?

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You could use AWS Batch as an alternative to EC2. Batch would take care of load balancing the EC2 fleet, queuing tasks and packing tasks onto instances based on the memory and CPU requirements of the task. If your tasks are fault tolerant you could also use a Spot Compute Environment and take advantage of spot pricing.

An alternative could be using AWS Lambda if your tasks are small and will complete within the maximum allowed lifespan of Lambda functions.

answered 18 days ago
  • Thank you. Lambda doesn't suit me because the program has to live for seven hours.

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