How to migrate from an m1.small to t2.small instance?


I've not been able to restart an m1.small instance because of insufficient capacity, so I'm trying change the instance type to t2.small. This page shows an upgrade path from m1 to t2, but no t2 type is selectable when try to change instance type.

Any idea why and if there a way around this?

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You might find the following topic in the EC2 User Guide helpful: Change the instance type

Regarding why no T2 instances are available, it might be that T2 is not available in the selected Region. If you don't mind, you could use T3 or T4. Or if you really want T2, you could try another Region to see if it's available there. For more information about T instances, see Burstable performance instances in the EC2 User Guide.

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