Split one table into multiple tables using AWS DMS?


Giving an example to explain my scenario - FileA has 100 attributes. FileB has 300 attributes. The attributes in Files A and B can be from multiple tables. These files are present in S3. We are going to import Files A and B into RDS Postgres. Now this Postgres will have Table A --> generated from File A (100 attributes) and Table B --> generated from File B (300 attributes)

We now want to split Tables A & B into multiple smaller tables using AWS DMS. Source Postgres (Tables A & B) --> AWS DMS --> Target Postgres (Tables C, D, E, F) Is this possible? Any advice to implement this scenario? Please help

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It may be possible to use AWS DMS for your case but you may be better off using a Stored Procedure or an ETL tool (if you are already using one) instead.

The ideal tool will depend on factors such as

  • Is the source and target PostgreSQL instance the same?
  • Is this a one-time or an ongoing process?
  • Are the smaller tables a subset of the rows of the larger tables? Or is it a subset of the columns? Or is it a more complex logic?
  • Are you already using AWS DMS for something else or are you planning to introduce DMS just for this activity?
answered 23 days ago

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