Deleting SageMaker training jobs


Today we can't delete SageMaker training jobs.

As noted in AWS docs: "Training jobs and logs cannot be deleted and are retained indefinitely.", and confirmed in this Github issue: amazon-sagemaker-examples#633

Is it planned to add this functionality ?

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Hi there

I don't know whether this functionality will be added (I would be surprised, tho, if it would) , but I'm curious to learn what your concerns are with not being able to delete training jobs. Could you elaborate?

Thanks Heiko

answered 2 years ago
  • Please find below my response.

  • Can we get an official word on whether deleting training jobs is on the future 'todo' list?


Thank you for your response.

In our case, these old training jobs are impacting our security KPIs. Our organisation requires enabling parameters NetworkIsolation and EnableInterContainerTrafficEncryption on all training jobs. But old jobs cannot be modified or deleted, so they keep showing up in the KPIs.

Also, it would be useful to clean up unused resources.

answered 2 years ago

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