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lambda function


how to run lambda function to check the file exist or not in EC2 instance please find the solution of this query

asked 19 days ago31 views
1 Answers

Are you trying to run a command against a Linux instance? If so, you can try using an SSH library for your runtime such as python to connect through SSH and run a command. This is a bit of an old example but comes from AWS blog. Please use it as a reference. An easier option is using Systems Manager's Run Command. You can manage your EC2 instance through Systems Manager and then you can run a command such as AWS-RunShellScript to remotely run a command. If you want to get an output from the command within Lambda, you can use a SendCommand API action to do the same. This getting started guide, how to run commands on an EC2 instance with Systems Manager, walks through the process.

answered 19 days ago
reviewed 18 days ago

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