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Why SES supports disrespect customers?


I sent request to production access, discribed all information following SES Dodcs, verified domain, spend my time and what i got? Deny, because my SES usage can make "negative impact", i have more than 800k followers in Instagram, 130k on youtubue and SES support telling me, that i can make negative impact. I've read a lot of negative comments about SES production access, but when i tried it by myself, it's really terrible. How new users can start use SES, if SES support dont give a chance?

1 Answers

First of all for testing ses you can use test email with sandbox using verified identities. For production access, you need to share proper answer for below questionaries to AWS.

  1. What is the nature of your business, and how do you plan to use Amazon SES to meet the needs of your business?

  2. How do you collect the email addresses that are on your mailing list?

  3. How do your subscribe and unsubscribe processes work?

  4. How do you handle bounces and complaints?

  5. What type of email (for example, transnational notifications, marketing content, or system notifications) do you plan to send with Amazon SES?

  6. What is the URL for SES service?

But remember after production access given , if the bounce rate and complaint rate goes above the limit then your ses will be disabled.

answered a month ago

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