Accessing AWS Cloud Map from a Lambda in a VPC


What alternative is there to accessing Cloud Map discovery using API from a Lambda in a VPC without NATing to the internet. Cloud Map does not have a VPC endpoint.

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Well that's pretty annoying. Any plans/timeline if a VPC endpoint would be added for cloudmap?

answered 6 months ago
  • I'd reach out to your local AWS Solutions Architect; they can talk to you about roadmap items as well as take your feedback (and asks!) to the service teams.


If you have a resource in a VPC (Lambda, EC2 instance, Workspaces, etc.) that needs access to the internet (in this case to an API endpoint but really, anything) from a private subnet then you'll either need to use NAT (NAT Gateway, your own NAT instance) or a proxy server (self-managed) - but either solution is pretty much doing the same thing.

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answered 9 months ago

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