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/What's the log4j version on R20211203- P2?/

What's the log4j version on R20211203- P2?


What's the log4j version on R20211203- P2 (today, 20-Dec-2021)?

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3 Answers

Amazon OpenSearch Service has released a critical service software update, R20211203-P2, that contains an updated version of Log4j2 in all regions. We strongly recommend that customers update their OpenSearch clusters to this release as soon as possible.

  • I would highly recommend you to track/monitor the following AWS security bulletin for updates on this vulnerability’s impact on AWS services :

answered 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago

I updated R20211203- P2. However It updated new weekness point log4j, 'CVE-2021-45105' 19/12/2021. Does R20211203- P2 resolve 'CVE-2021-45105'?

answered 5 months ago

The R20211203- P2 will not protect from CVE-2021-45105. Probably this will in a next patch although the threat is a bit lower (only DDOS possibility under certain conditions).

I do not know the contents of the patch though. There is one version of log4j unaffected: 2.12.3 if they used that version the new CVE would also be covered. This version was release 2020-02-25 though and probably has other vuklnerabilities.

The only unaffected version for CVE-2021-45105 is log4j version 2.17 (and 2.12.3) which was released 18 dec 15:14. (source hover over tag label)

The patch R20211203- P2 was suggested before 15 dec 07:43. (source

answered 5 months ago

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