How to convert AwsStringOutcome to FString or FName in UE5?


Im using Gamelift for my UE5 game and have some gamelift server sdk code init. One among them is getting the session id using Aws::GameLift::AwsStringOutcome sessionIdAWS = Aws::GameLift::Server::GetGameSessionId(). The question is how can I convert this AwsStringOutcome to Fstring or other UE datatypes so that I can use it as I want?

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You should be able to extract the FString from the outcome object that is returned by GetGameSessionId().

auto outcome = Aws::GameLift::Server::GetGameSessionId();
if (outcome.IsSuccess()){
   FString gameSessionId = outcome.getResult();
} else {
  // error handling goes here


answered a month ago

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