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EventBridge API Destination Connection AWS Secretes Manager Pricing


When an event is sent to an API Destination, does the connection associated with the API Destination do 1 read from AWS Secrets Manager. So if 10000 events are sent to an API destination, would that cost $0.05 + $0.40c for AWS Secrets Manager per month? Thanks

  • That's a good question.

    As per AWS Blogpost:

    The service manages the secret in AWS Secrets Manager and the cost of storing the secret is included in the pricing for API destinations.

    However, this does not mention the reads and whether they're extra paid or not. I believe I've seen an information that EventBridge heavily caches these secrets, but I would love to get a straight answer from AWS.

2 Answers

Secrets created by EventBridge Connection resources that are used with API Destinations are free when called by EventBridge to authorize requests to the API!

answered 7 months ago

To get a good estimate for using AWS Secrets Manager, use the AWS Pricing Calculator: you can configure your number of Secrets, duration and number of API calls.

When I configured it for US-East with 1 Secret for 30 days and 10,000 API events, it returned a monthly price of $0.45 USD.

answered 8 months ago

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