Sharing a folder publicly in Workdocs


A customer reached out to me about sharing folders (not files) publicly with Workdocs. They want people outside their org to be able to access the folder without creating a Workdocs account. They won't be able to use Workdocs if they can't do this.

I see here ( that "A folder link can only be shared with internal site members". Is there a particular reason for this, or is this customer just the first to request this feature? Is there a suggested workaround (while still using Workdocs)?

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You can't create a link to a folder today in WorkDocs for public view - it's just files.

What's the goal/requirement?

What you could do is create a page that was accessible via a weblink, then monitor a workdocs folder for changes using the WorkDocs SDK. On change dynamically add/remove links to the folder contents' public links on the public view link.

answered 4 years ago

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